Snehal Chatni

10 Years

Parivarthan Gurukul School


Snow World Adventure| Draw & Tell Story by Snehal,10,Hubballi

Do winter ghosts scare you? 10 year- old Snehal Chatni from Karnataka writes a draw- and- tell story about two sisters who saw something strange in a park.

snowman draw and tell story kids

Once upon a time, in a cold city, there lived two sisters – Snehal and Spoorti.
They lived in a big house with a big door (Draw #1: Draw the house and the door).

draw and tell story kids bookosmia

One cold day, the two sisters had been stuck in their house the entire time as it had been snowing heavily. (Draw #2: Draw the two sisters in the house.)

draw and tell story kids bookosmia

There was an adventure park next to their house, called the Snow World Adventure Park. (Draw #3: Draw the adventure park.)

draw and tell story for kids bookosmia

Later that evening, the two sisters were awfully bored and decided to go to the park as they knew that there would be very few people in the park at that time.

When they entered the park, Snehal had a peculiar feeling and she grew very worried. But Spoorti was rather adventurous.

She dismissed her sister’s concerns and pulled her along to play on the large slide (Draw #4: Draw the large slide.)

Draw and tell stories kids bookosmia

Spoorti got more excited now, and so she told Snehal, “Come on! Let’s do some ice skating!”
(Draw #5: Draw them skating).

draw and tell stories kids bookosmia

Next they both sat on the small merry-go-round (Draw #6: Draw the small merry go round and the two sisters sitting on it.)

draw and tell stories kids bookosmia

While enjoying the ride, Snehal spotted two skis beside the small merry-go-round(Draw #7: Draw the skis.)

draw and tell stories kids bookosmia

She said, “See! There is no one in the park, yet there are skis lying here. Didn’t I tell you there is something wrong? Let us go back.” Spoorti again dismissed her worries and pulled her to the large merry-go-round. They both sat on it.  (Draw #8: Draw the large merry-go-round and both the sisters sitting on the large merry-go-round

draw and tell stories kids bookosmia

They noticed that something strange was sitting beside them (Draw #9: Draw the ghost sitting.)

snowman draw and tell story kids

“It’s a ghost,” whispered a trembling Snehal.

“See, I told you, but you didn’t believe me.

“Please do something,her sister said.

The sound of the howling wind scared her even more. Finally, Spoorti said, “Chill, sis, I’ll go and see. There’s nothing to worry about.” As she went closer, Spoorti realised that it was no ghost, but a cute Snowman!


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