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Dia Sheoran Chhajta

7 Years

Nirmal Bhartia School, Dwarka


I love drawing faces| Pencil Sketch by Dia, 6, Delhi

Do you like sketching faces? 6-year-old Dia from Delhi loves sketching and giving her characters names. Check it out!
sketch ladies kids bookosmia

I love drawing faces

My Mumma was sketching portraits one day so I came up with the idea of making something of my own as well.

pencil sketch kids bookosmia

All my portraits are imaginary women. I named them Sita, Ella and Katy based on their looks. I wanted to draw pretty, smart and confident ladies.

pencil sketch kids bookosmia

12 Responses

  1. Amazing caricature.. the powerful women representation in each sketch shows how Dia imagines a woman to be .. strong and empowering !! Kudos and best wishes for many more 😘

  2. Lovely girl with creativity in her hands I like the way she expresses her self on paper through her sketch..women in different forms..traditional to wonder we have so many goddesses to worship in Hindu religion respecting womanhood in the beautiful variation from one another yet unique and relevant.

  3. Super imagination and great artistry to depict women in different forms by simple tweaking of the same image. Shows promise of very fertile mind. More power to Dia.

  4. Wonderful Dia. You are a Rockstar. I always love seeing what you draw, your imagination about todays woman will inspire other kids also. Such a tiny mind which is trying to show independence in her art form. Dia is blossoming into an independent and strong girl.

  5. Beautiful sketches Dia…your father Narendra also had the same passion well done…do share your future sketches too …Dimpy Uncle

  6. Great going. Indeed talented with great imagination. With encouragement and guidance Dia sure to make a special place for herself in life. May on this holy day of Ashmti Durga Mata bless her with her choicest blessings.

  7. Wow Dia these are just amazing. You have such good imagination and a very creative hand .Keep showing us more. Way to go👏

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