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My drawings, My love | Art by 13 year old from Chennai

What inspires you to draw? 13 year old R S Anandita from Chennai shares her favourite art work.

paris drawing bookosmia

Oh, my love for art is unexplainable! It calms me and doesn’t actually need words to explain itself. Let me show you some of my drawings.

If you are a sky lover then this is for you! Have you heard of this saying, “Paint the sky, make it yours.” That is exactly what I did. I chose this picture because I always love the blend of colours in the sky. landscape drawing by kids bookosmia
When I started creating it, I was a little nervous and questions started popping up inside my mind. Will it come out well or will I mess this up?  Slowly these questions faded away when it was completed. It came out well!  This picture tells us that the most beautiful things in the world cannot be touched, but can be felt by the heart!
My Saviour! Someone who has dedicated his life to spreading the word of God and died for the people. His name- Jesus.
jesus christ drawing kids bookosmia
Paris! Ah! I’ve always wanted to visit it in person but I visited it through this picture. The city of love and oh, the city of tremendously incredible landscapes including the Eiffel tower! This is my favourite drawing of all. Maybe one day I’ll visit Paris.
paris drawing bookosmia
Have you heard of Star Bucks? It’s like everywhere! You should visit it. Even though I don’t drink coffee, I’ve seen people relax and enjoy and experience the inviting ambience of this shop!
coffee drinking bookosmia
She is the most strongest, prettiest and holiest of women! The wife of Joseph and the mother of Jesus, she is none other than Mother Mary.  I can say the turning point in my life was when she visited me in my dreams. She was truly beautiful.

Mary drawing bookosmia



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