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14 Years

14 Years



War| Sedoka Poem by Varnika, 14, Bangalore

14-year-old Varnika from Bangalore introduces us to Sedoka form of poetry through this beautiful poem on war.

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I am Varnika! I am 14 years old and study at a school called Ohana, in Bangalore. I am not really a person that writes poems because I am not very good at writing short lines, but for the first time I gave it a shot and I wrote a Sedoka, I really enjoyed it and would love to write more in the future!

Do you know what a Sedoka is? It is a Japanese poem form inspired by the traditions of the katuata and mondo. Structurally each verse is similar to a haiku, at least to western eyes, consisting of 5-7-7 or 5-7-5 syllable structures. It differs from a similar mondo in that it is not a collaborative work, but instead a poem by a single poet.

Here is a Sedoka poem I wrote, titled War.



Smiles hidden under

Clouds of darkness took over

She cried at every bloodshed


Death and destruction

She went through pain and sadness

But, back to life after all



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  1. Varnika s poem is very meaningful and thought provoking.Her expression is diligent and touched the heart


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