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‘Run for your life’ A monster story by 8 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

Read with Sara monster story for kids by kids Bookosmia

One day Mike got up and quickly got ready for school because he was
late. When he reached school, it started to rain very heavily. It just wasn’t his day. Somehow he was able to dash into school in the nick of time.

Mike saw something form in the sky, he was curious. It was a massive portal. After five minutes, thousands of monsters started to fall out of the portal and everyone started to panic except for Mike.

He went out of the school and asked one of the monsters why they had come to planet earth? The monster, whose name was Gigi, told Mike that the most  powerful villain Choba had escaped and was on a killing spree. Choba had  killed the king of all monsters, Nachi, so he could take over the throne and be  the next king so we finally captured him and put him in prison.

Therefore, they had come to ask for help. Mike called the Monster Busters and told them what had happened. They formed teams and were ready for the  battle. The Monster Busters used special weapons like a lightsaber to battle  Choba. The battle started the next day and finished after ten days and the  humans won but thousands of innocent busters died.


The monsters went back to their planet and promised to live in peace and harmony.


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