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Aisha Mehta

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Gurgaon’s Transport Museum| Travel Review by Aisha, 8, Gurgaon

Here is a simple and good review by 8-year-old Aisha Mehta from Gurgaon, of a visit to the museum.

Gurgaon Transport Museum Bookosmia

Last year I visited the Transport Museum in Gurugram with my family. It was an enormous museum, a  phenomenal place and an absolute delight to see. It is a great place for learning about the transport culture of India from the beginning.  It showed how in the olden days we had wooden wheels and now  we have countless rockets, double decker planes and fascinating cars.

It was a beautifully designed and well-organized museum. At the entrance,   there was a map which showed the layout of the museum. It spread over 4  floors, was spaciously built with lifts and easy ramps to walk. One section that was my favorite was the wheel section. There were more than hundred different types of wheels. They all were placed very carefully according to the  years they were invented in.

gurgaon transport museum with kids Bookosmia
There were not many people in the museum, it was quite peaceful. Next, we came to a section with a large double decker van. Inside there were very  fragile objects and lots of artifacts.


We spent a couple of hours exploring the museum. The museum was really a  big inspiration for all of us. It showed the evolution of transportation from horse-carts and carriages, to fancy cars and big vehicles like airplanes and rockets.

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