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‘Why online classes are here to stay’ Essay by 12 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

Read with Sara essay on online classes for kids by kids with Bookosmia

Just a few years ago, a lot of us did not even know about Zoom or Google Classroom. Video conferencing was reserved for certain courses and working professionals. Everyday we woke up early and went to school and returned  seven hours later. Now, we can wake up ten minutes before and login to the  class. The pandemic has completely reformed our education system.

Online education has faced a lot of criticism. Children can turn off their videos  and relax, missing out on important education. They can cheat in exams,  without the teacher even getting a whiff of it. A lot of teachers have not been   trained to teach online. They may have problems adjusting to this new normal.


Small children too may not understand how to operate an electronic device. Some people may not be able to afford a device. On the flip side, online  education has seen both students and teachers acquire new skills, which are
necessary in this age. Children can nurture their hobbies. We can remain safe  in our homes, away from the pandemic. It can allow teachers to display  presentations, videos and other teaching aids. Recently, a video went viral, where a school in Kerala used augmented reality to teach students about the Solar System and human body among other  things.

Maybe later on, schools will adopt other innovative methods to teach. I myself am on online education’s side. It continues to have growing pains, but these  will go away. Once physical schools open, they may incorporate some online  techniques. For now, until education is reformed, online education is the best  option.


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