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Keshav Lodha

9 Years

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North Point School

Navi Mumbai

My New Year Resolution- Value everything you have| Blog by Keshav,8,Navi Mumbai

Keshav Lodha New Year Resolution Mumbai Bookosmia

What have I learnt during this pandemic?


Corona Virus has taught us to fight and live in all the conditions. It has taught us that we need not buy a lot of clothes and we need not travel or go for vacation. Corona Virus has taught me to value everything.

Whatever, I have learnt in this year will apply in next year. I will not waste anything in 2021. I will be happy and peaceful in all the situations. I will save money and do charity to the poor and society. I will respect all the elders and seniors in the world. I will study a lot and play a lot. I will follow all instructions of my parents. Corona Virus has taught us how to survive during crisis.

In lockdown period I learnt many things like glass painting, sketch, calligraphy, mandala art etc. I gave Spellbee, Abacus and Talent hunt exam. In Abacus state level exam, I was the 1st Runner up.
I watched Shakuntala Devi movie (because it’s related to maths) and I loved math. I spent quality time with my family. So, my lockdown experience was very good.
I celebrated my birthday  on 3rd May as a virtual birthday party in zoom. I acquired talent of moving two hula hoops together, one around the neck, another around the stomach.
I made best out of waste and also hand-made decoration in Diwali, like toran.

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