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‘A treasure of human traits’ Poem by 13 year old Bookosmian from Delhi

Read with Sara philanthropist poem Bookosmia

There are three cornerstones of life; love, compassion & sacrifice

They can transform one’s life in a trice,

True love and altruism is not in getting, but in giving

These mantras constitute the art of living!


When we care for someone, we sacrifice

Whether it be our precious possessions ,                             

Anything in front of our eyes

Whatever may be the price.

When you love someone, you learn to let them grow

For the goodwill of others, philanthropists let their possessions go!


Beauty and morality comprise a person’s character

In representing a person’s thoughts and ideals, they emerge as the X factor.

Inner beauty is the ultimate illumination of the soul

Morality adds up to their personality and ethics, as a whole

Lives of little ones are destroyed                   

When child labour is employed.

Child labor is a social evil concerning everyone

We should treat all child labourers as our children!

Some unfortunate children are forced to work each day           

How can they support their family with such little pay.

For the betterment and education of our children, all of us pray

This problem was prevalent in Victorian England, and still persists today!

The world’s philanthropists are an exemplary example of of life skills

They help you to peek into the inner workings of yourself.

To explore the extreme world around us, they open many gates

A treasure of human traits!


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