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Online Schooling- What it demands of us? Essay by 14 year old Bookosmian from Chennai

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Today, I am addressing the most important aspect of the new normal which is online schooling. It has become mandatory due to the prevailing pandemic situation. We all learn through the devices from a comfortable place at home.


A coin has two sides. Similarly, the online school has both positive and  negative impacts on us. For example, some of us come to school from a long  distance. But in the online class, we learn from our home. We save a lot of time because we don’t have to travel anywhere to learn. we can use this time to develop new hobbies. Since we got used to technology, a new variety of  hobbies arose. Coding, video editing, photoshopping, meme creating, digital art have become the new trend. We must change according to the time and so our choices.

Many families cannot afford to buy a device for their child’s education. At such a time, low self-esteem is created in the child’s mind. Some of us may not have a proper internet connection at all times. During these times, we should not feel low and try to find alternatives.


In the case of kindergarteners and elementary school children, parents have to sit with them while they take up their classes. This puts extra pressure on the parents. They have to do so because children may not know how to operate the device or they are not grown enough to learn by themselves. Another important issue is the communicative skills. If children go to school, they tend to meet their classmates, teachers, and other staff. But in the case of online classes, they don’t have the opportunity to communicate with anyone except their family members. This greatly affects their communicative skills.

On the contrary higher secondary school students get the chance to learn by  themselves which is so helpful for their future. It increases their inquisitiveness.  They explore and find the answers to their questions by themselves. Due to online classes, we take up our tests also through devices. During this time no one invigilates us. So we must be true to ourselves which is called integrity. We would not cheat in school because we cannot. We can cheat during online classes but we must not.

We can enjoy online schooling if we use technology correctly and safely.


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