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‘Why Online School Cannot Match Up To Offline School’ Essay by 11 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

Online Vs offline Schooling by Kush Manek

In-classroom education is way better than online education for the student’s future. In-classroom education has more of concentration and less of distraction whereas online class is more of distraction and less of concentration. Online classes don’t nurture the talents of students like offline classes do. The students acquire a lot of life skills in offline school.

During online classes, if someone comes to our home, the bell disturbs us. Our phone is always beside us, so if there is a notification, the child is more eager to see the message than concentrate on what his/her teacher is teaching. If there is no Wi-Fi in the teacher’s or student’s house, his online school will not work.

We don’t have distraction in offline classes. Teachers can see everyone at the same time. They can also do the same thing in online classes but if the student tells a lie and keeps his video off, then the teacher will be clueless about whether the child is learning anything or not.

In offline classes, we get lunch break in which we can meet our old teachers, but this thing is impossible in online classes.

We attend online classes for 6-7 hours per day, which means our school is telling us ‘Students, we want everyone to get specs. We want everyone’s eyes to get spoiled.’

These reasons prove that offline school is way better than online school.


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