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Adventure story - Dad and his fun cousin squad
Like every year, my father’s summer vacations had started. All his cousins came to his place to spend their vacations.
Adventure story - Dad and his fun cousin squad
Once, it was a hot, sunny afternoon and the children were told to sleep, but they did not want to sleep. So, they pretended to sleep. They made a plan to go outside on the hot May day and crept out together.
They saw a dry pond and collected some stones from the pond. While they were walking, they were thirsty but they had not carried water bottles.
They started talking about how many stones they had.
Suddenly, they saw a police station. They went there and saw an enormous mulberry tree. One of them thought to pluck mulberries as they were very hungry. So, one of them named Abhishek climbed the tree.
Adventure story - Dad and his fun cousin squad
Suddenly, their uncle came there for his work. He was shocked and asked, “ Huh, What are you doing here?”
They were scared but they thought to tell the truth. One of the cousins told him about how they had reached there and how they wanted to pluck mulberries.
Uncle understood and smiled. He called a guard to pluck some mulberries from the tree. The uncle gave a bag full of mulberries to the children and told them to go home.
The children took the mulberries and went home happily. They narrated the story to their mothers. They all laughed and were happy that their children had come home safely.
Adventure story - Dad and his fun cousin squad

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