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Robot Butler – Making Weekend Chores Fun | Story | Bookosmia

Robot butler - Making weekend chores fun



One day, I was back from school and saw my dad, Saurabh, sitting on the cozy couch and beside him was an awkward steel human being.

My father introduced me to Hugo, the robot butler. I was awe struck and petrified looking at the robot butler.

My father explained how to operate the robot butler, Hugo. There were many keys like the keyboard of a computer and a screen on his back. He had an adapter and charging wire for his food. I was excited to welcome Hugo, our new household member.


Robot butler - Making weekend chores fun


One day, I observed my mother give Hugo instructions to complete tasks like washing clothes, cooking tasty meals, ironing the clothes and even putting the clothes correctly in all the family members cupboard.

Hugo was very efficient in doing the housework. The robot was very independent while doing the tasks. To my delight it finished all my school work in no time at all.

One day, before my swimming competition, I fractured my leg.So I asked the robot to participate in the competition for me. To my dismay, as soon as it went into the water, it started malfunctioning.

Robot butler - Making weekend chores fun


When Hugo was brought home, he started tearing my books, jumping on the bed and the sofa. Dad was shocked.
He sent Hugo for repair. However,the robot could not get repaired . He had been an indispensable part of our lives and we were sad without him.


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