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Rick Riordan’s ‘The Heroes of Olympus’ | Book Review | Bookosmia

Weekend Read - Rick Riordan’s ‘The Heroes of Olympus’
The Heroes of Olympus – The son of Neptune, is a book written by Rick Riordan, which has a magical blend of ancient Greek and Roman mythology and also a generic taste of the modern world deftly spun out into the form of a marvellous story.


My parents gifted this book to me on Christmas.


The story is based in the modern 21st century but the author has his own way of bringing us back to the time of the historic Trojan War.

The story deals with a boy named Percy Jackson who happens to be a demigod- the offspring of a human and a god. He wakes up to find himself in a completely unknown place, unable to remember anything. The book takes us on an unforgettable journey as he travels through the mysterious tunnels of ancient Greek and Roman mythology to find his way through the unknown.

Weekend Read - Rick Riordan’s ‘The Heroes of Olympus’

The main character of the story is Percy Jackson. Percy has been portrayed in the book as a brave, daring and reckless character. He has splendid leadership qualities and happens to be the son of Neptune or Poseidon- the god of the sea. He has an admirable personality and upholds himself as a gallant warrior, having the temerity to encounter any danger.


In my view, ‘The Son of Neptune’ is a fiction which makes us realise the importance of bravery, friendship and unity which are the more important things in life. In the story, Percy’s bravery and loyalty eventually helps him find out his true identity.

Weekend Read - Rick Riordan’s ‘The Heroes of Olympus’

The story is written in modern style and language and also includes a touch of light entertainment and satirical remarks.


I would like to recommend this book to all children aged 10 or above as a must read.


On a scale of 1-5, this book deserves a rating of 4.8 out of 5 and also deserves to be an asset of your preference.



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