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Productivity - My little pony is not just a dream
Once there lived a girl named Nelly. She lived near a lake where there was pleasant weather, wondrous greenery and some cute creatures too!
She loved to dream in her own room. One fine day, she dreamt to have a beautiful and colourful pony. Nelly watched so many movies about ponies and her room was decorated with ponies such as pony pencils, pony table, pony dress and ponies everywhere. It was a big list that was never-ending!
Productivity - My little pony is not just a dream
She had a best friend, her name was Hannah. Hannah’s uncle had a horse farm, there was a beautiful pony over there!
 Nelly wished to have a pony like that. She was tired of waiting so she had a deal with her mom and dad that if she scores good marks in her math test she will get a pony. Nelly was so nervous because she had only three days to study for her Math test. Finally, it was her Math test.
Nelly wrote whatever she knew and it was result time at the end of the day. She was so scared! Then the teacher announced the toppers Nelly, Kevin and Hannah! Nelly shouted “Yahoo!”
Productivity - My little pony is not just a dream
She received a certificate and her parents were so happy and guess what happened after one week…. Nelly got a pet pony!
She kept her name as ‘Kelly the pony’.  Nelly’s hard work was worth it ! Soon they had a pony party! All had fun. Nelly understood the value of hard work.


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