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Weekend Getaway – Travel to Valparai | Blog by 11 year old from Palakkad

Where are you off to in the summer? 11 year old Vaibhav S Ganesh from Palakkad went to Valparai! Where is it and how was it? Read to find out

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Two months ago, my family and I were thinking of going to a mountain.But at the time there was heavy rain in Kerala.Near us, there are some wonderful mountains, like Nelliyampathy but we had been there already so we decided to go to a mountain in Tamil Nadu called Valparai.

I live in Palakkad which is near the border of Tamil Nadu. We started at 5: 30 am. We went through the mango city of Kerala, Kollengode. During the mango season you can buy any type of mango there.

We reached the Tamil Nadu – Kerala border at 7: 30 am . We stopped at a restaurant in Tamil Nadu and ate food . At 10:40 am we reached the first check post which is at the bottom of the mountain. After some time we saw small waterfalls. We took some photos and continued to the top.

While we were going, we saw a small town and a big waterfall near it. We asked the locals how we can get near the waterfall.  They showed us a way to the waterfalls. On the way we saw some ducks but no people. I was a bit scared but we kept going. Eventually we reached. It was amazing standing near a waterfall. We took some photos and left. We saw some monkeys and tea plantations on our way to the top.

We didn’t stop at the viewpoints because there was heavy rainfall. Suddenly, we got stopped by the police for not having our masks on! We had to pay a fine.

Then we went to a nearby dam called Nirar dam which was a fun experience. After going through some forests we stopped at a small roadside shop and ate very good french fries and some tandoori sandwich. You have to try it when you go there.

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There are two ways down the mountain – one the same way we came up and two – a way through Kerala Athirapally.  We went through the second way and reached a place called Sholayar dam. It was fun walking on the dam after that it was a whole bunch of rain and forests until we reached the Kerala border.  We reached a waterfall called Charpa falls which was raging very heavily so we left after some time.

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We reached the Athirapally falls entrance but we didn’t go there because there was a big crowd.  We reached the bottom of the mountain but the adventure didn’t end there.

We saw some wild elephants and we went back home through Thrissur to Palakkad and had a great sleep. This was the best one day trip I have ever been to.

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