Rebel Sultans by Manu Pillai: Book Review and Podcast by Nidhi Mishra & Kamini Gupta

Rebel Sultans Manu Pillai Podcast with Nidhi Mishra

Rebel Sultans: Nidhi Mishra and Kamini Gupta in conversation with author Manu Pillai

Manu S Pillai packs in 400 years of tumultous Deccan History in the fantastic book Rebel Sultans. A must read not just for the wonderful writing but also because too many of us were deprived of an inside into the illustrious rulers of the Deccan in our history books. Kamini Gupta(Faculty at King’s Business School) and Nidhi Mishra(Founder of Bookosmia) chatted with Manu, winner of the Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar. Listen in to how Manu S Pillai’s writing makes history palatable to the uninitiated and prepares us to be confronted by full civilizations of great antiquity and magnificence.

About Traveling Time With Books Podcast-

A passion for literature and culture brings together two old IIM batchmates Kamini Gupta, Faculty at Kings Business School, London and Nidhi Mishra, Founder of Bookosmia(smell of books) as they read, analyse and discuss with the author, books of history that take us back in time. Traveling through the centuries is possible only in books and In this podcast #indianhistory #bookspodcast


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