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The Painting Next to Warhol | Tritina Poem by 14 year old from Kolkata

Let’s learn to write a Tritina like 14 year old Aarav Kumar from Kolkata. A tritina is a poem that consists of tercet — each tercet has three lines of verse—and one concluding line.

Warhol painting poem bookosmia

Surrounded by Rembrandts and Warhols, hung a picture,

Which looked out of place as oil in water- quite puzzling, garish, absurd.

It depicted a “knight-skeleton” on a horse, which I could not comprehend the least.

Staring at it, I presumed the artist must not have cared the least,

Or he was ashamed, and had rightly abandoned this wasteful picture.

The painting couldn’t be hung beside a Rembrandt, it was too absurd.

I thought, “Less allegory than a toddler’s stories, so absurd!”

Wait, it did have a message, according to me at least!

Warring and vanity, leave us like the skeleton in that picture.

I learnt, even the most absurd picture must at least be examined.

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