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Diya Taragi

15 Years

53 Years


My lively, friendly locality | Essay by 15 year old from Mumbai

Use all your senses to describe your locality like 15 year old Diya Taragi from Mumbai does in this essay. Want to try it?

school playground poem

The sun shines on a vast land, covered with multiple tall, short, fat, thin buildings, each one having two or four wheeled geared vehicles. Vehicles stand on their spots, perhaps gossiping about their owners, while their owners lie on their couches inside their houses.

Black tar roads lead to a green field with lively flowers, a bunch of swings, a see-saw, a sand area, where giggling kids can be heard. It even has long jogging tracks. Further, the road leads to a big building covered in glass, discount posters hanging on it making the crowd go crazy.

The area has an aroma of hot spicy triangle-shaped samosa, that can make anyone drool. When the sun sets, the residents gather around for relaxed chats.

As the stars and the moon shine, the streetlights start to glow. There’s less noise compared to the morning. Everybody, even the street dogs and birds have all fallen asleep.

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