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The dog ate my homework and …| Funny Poem by 12 year old from Kolkata

Need an excuse for not doing your homework? 12 year old Saanvi Agarwal leaves us in stitches with this hilarious poem about homework!
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Dear Mrs Smith,

I swear I did my homework,
It was a piece of cake,
But the dog ate it,
It got wet by my chocolate shake.

While I was writing, my pencil broke,
I was all out of pens,
My mom wasn’t there,
When I went to the farm, the paper got attacked by hens.

It fell on the way,
I forgot it at home,
I ran out of paper,
I was looking after the house as no one was home.

It got burnt on the stove,
The writing was so bad,
That the pen ran away,
Even the pencil was sad.

Please Mrs Smith hear me out,
Before giving me a ‘F’ and making a pout,
I did my homework as I told you before,
Please don’t throw me out the door!

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