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The Man Who Invented Robots | Story by Mannan,8, Delhi

Who invented robots? 8 year-old Mannan from Delhi writes a fictional but thoroughly interesting story about a scientist who invented robots. Read on to know more!

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It was the year 1984. In Arizona, at 123/4 Copcom Apartments lived a soon-to-be  famous scientist named Lepfor.

Lepfor was the best in robotics that we know today, but at that time machines were not common. He applied to Tapford College to learn how to make them, and got admitted to learn robotics! In twenty days, he learned everything that he wanted to. Then, he dropped out of college. He tried to make body parts like machines, but electricity leaked out of them.One day, he decided to make a complete human machine. No scientist in his country wanted to help him. Only the United Kingdom wanted to make the machine with Lepfor, because their Queen had ordered so. Everyone knew that she wanted to keep them as her staff.

With the help of scientists in England, Lepfor was successful in making human-like machines. People asked him what to call them. He said the first word that came to his mind – “Robots!”

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