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Robot Takeover – A Strange Picnic On The Park | Bookosmia

Robot takeover - A strange picnic on the park

Robot takeover - A strange picnic on the park


A picnic my family went to, in a splendid park,
We had a lot of fun until the dark.

In the afternoon appeared a portal,
We stepped in the portal and looked around and didn’t see a mortal.

There were robots and cars that were flying,
Half-Human ,Half-Robot were in stores and things they were buying.

We all thought “Aha,we must be in the future, but how do we get out?”

We went over and asked but nobody knew what we were talking about,
We all sat back down, and I said, “I wish I could go home.”

Then we suddenly popped back into our house and no more did we roam!


Robot takeover - A strange picnic on the park


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