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Gandhi Jayanti – Remembering Bapu’s Wise Words | Bookosmia

Gandhi Jayanti - Remembering Bapu’s wise words


Gandhi Jayanti - Remembering Bapu’s wise words

One afternoon, when my mother was sleeping, my brother and I were watching our favourite cartoon show Go Jetters. After the cartoon show was over, we both took our toys tub from the room and started playing. We equally divided the toys among us. But as always he wanted my toys especially my aeroplane toy. He was shouting and screaming to get that toy but I didn’t give him.


While I was playing with other toys, he picked my aeroplane toy that was kept beside me and hit it on my head. It was paining very badly. Hearing me cry, my mother came out. My younger brother got very scared. Seeing me crying, he started crying too.

Gandhi Jayanti - Remembering Bapu’s wise words

I was very angry but I did not hit him back and pardoned him since his intention was not wrong. Seeing his sad and tears I forgave him. My mother immediately put some ice on my head.


After seeing all this, my brother was amazed. He sat on the couch and observed us as no one was scolding him. Then he begged for my forgiveness and kissed my cheeks. I hugged him. I felt so happy that without saying anything he apologised.

I forgot all my pain and anger which I had towards him.

My mother was astonished seeing my behaviour towards my younger brother. When my father returned from office, my mother told the incident to him as she was worried about my pain. My parents appreciated me and guided both of us to always forget the wrong things and forgive everyone. Isn’t that what our beloved Gandhiji always advised us to do?


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