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Phone Call Lady – Who Is She? | Poem by Avishi,9, Gurgaon

Who is the phone lady? The one who tells us the phone line is busy? 9 year old Avishi Bagga, from Gurgaon wins all points for creativity in this poem

Phone call lady - Who is she? And does she get a break?

When we talk on the phone,
And the other person puts us on hold,
Which lady keeps repeating that we are on hold?

When we try to call someone,
But they are out of network,
Which lady tells us that someone is out of network?

When we call someone,
And they are in another call,
Which lady tells us that someone is busy?

Does she get a break?

How can she speak so many languages?
While I can speak only 3.

Does she eat?

Does she sleep?

Does she go to the toilet?

Or does she only keep helping us through calls all day long?

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