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11 Years


Losing my phone| Funny story by Jiana,11, Surat

Being absent-minded…we’ve all been there! 11-year-old Jiana from Surat narrates an incident from the day she lost her phone!

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The day I lost and found my mobile phone

One day, I was listening to songs in my phone and at the same time, my mom told me to keep the soaps, toothpaste, face wash , brushes etc. in the washroom.

I took my phone with me inside the washroom. I was scared that my phone would get wet so I wrapped my phone with a towel and kept it safely aside.

After finishing what my mom asked me to do,  I walked out of there forgetting to take my phone back. Then we had to go for a trip so we left home. After five days when we returned, I realised that I couldn’t find my phone in the house. I checked everywhere I could think of but I couldn’t find it. I was very upset. After a little conversation with my mom, I slept off.

The next day, my dad had a brilliant plan which was to ring my phone from my mom’s phone but my phone was switched off by that time.

I slept and the next morning my dad gave me my phone back. He said he had found it wrapped in a towel in the bathroom! I shared this with my friend who laughed a lot.

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