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If I could talk to a musical instrument| Blog by Priyansh,14,Ahmedabad

What if a musical instrument could talk? 14-year-old Priyansh from Ahmedabad wonders, in this creative musing.


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Music is one of the most pleasant things in this world. Imagine, if a guitar or piano sang your favourite song like ‘Kesariya tera ishq hai piya’ or if a violin or drums spoke to you with their beautiful voices…. Oh God! My heart is melting just thinking about it and I have goosebumps all over my body!

If I were to choose to talk to a musical instrument, I would pick the guitar. It would be the most cherished point of my life to talk to a guitar. I would ask the guitar how it feels when everyone plucks its strings.  How does it feel when big musicians like Arijit sing or Ed Sheeran hold him?

Before playing the guitar, I would speak to it to make sure it knows my musical range and abilities and together we can make great music.

From the guitar, I would learn to be versatile, accessible and engage in any situation. Hence, I would love to talk to a guitar.

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