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Cows- What do they give us? Song by Noa,5,Agra

Do you like composing your own songs? 5-year-old Noa from Agra is fascinated by cows and composes this song for them. Try singing it with your own tune!

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Animal song for kids : We are cows
We are black and white
And we have sharp horns.
Some horns are curvy,
some horns are looped.
Some horns are straight
And some horns are pointy.
What do you call us?
We are the cows which give you milk.
We have tiny calves and you can touch them slowly.
Call us the cows which give you milk.
Don’t go near the cows which have a hump,
They are called bulls.
I told you, they will kick you.
We are the cows which give you milk,
Just pat us on the back.
We eat grasses which are nice.
Give us fresh grasses
Which are green and bright.
Give us near our mouth, we will eat it.
We are the cows which give you milk.
Banana peels are good, give us banana peels.
We just eat banana peels yum yum yum!
Oh! Look at us cows, we go munch-munch-munch with the peel inside munch-munch-munch.
We are the cows which give you milk.

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