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10 Years

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Lord Karthikeya and the three demon brothers | Art by Yashnashree,9, Bangalore

Is there a scene from our ancient epics that has impacted you? 9 year-old old Yashnashree from Bangalore shares an art work of Lord Kartikeya.
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This painting is about Lord Karthikeya who saved us from the three demon brothers Taraka, Surapadman and Simhamukha.

Karthikeya changed these three evil brothers to become merciful.

I chose this particular picture because it shows us the importance of being humble and merciful.

12 Responses

    1. Wowww wonderful, simple great by a child and regarding our roots writing by a child sounds very happy we still have few seeds under our tree to have its survival to next generations

  1. Very good choice Yashnashree keep it up … keep concentrate in ur work and keep growing … all the best for ur future

  2. In your drawing that flashes what will you become.don’t give up keep the practice , oneday you will shine as glowing star, that is also our wish to be .once again congratulations dear 💖

  3. I can see how passionate you are about the painting😍.
    I’m so proud of you. Keep doing your best work.
    Yashnashree. ❤️❤️

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