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9 Years

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Amity International School Sector 46


3 Tankas | Japanese poetric form by Anika,9, Gurugram

Do innovative poetic forms intrigue you too? 9 year-old Anika from Gurugram presents three Tankas (a Japanese metric form which paints the full description of a daily scene in only 5 lines and 31 syllables) to brighten up your day!

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My Garden

Daylight is leaving,

My garden is turning dull again.

A nightingale sings,

Putting my sister to sleep

Under the iridescent moonlight.

Sadness and Joy

I was in the lead,

Dreaming of the gold medal.

Suddenly I screamed,

And tripped over a pebble.

Sadly, I lost fair and square.


My birthday was dull,

Nobody even wished me.

All the lights went off.

Then someone brought out a cake-

A surprise party for me!

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