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Mango Shake- One more glass! Story by Hriday,6, Kolkata

Do you like stories that also carry lessons in them? 6 year-old Hriday Sheth from Kolkata writes about a boy who ends up forsaking fun times with his friends- all for an extra glass of mango juice! Read on to know more!

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One morning, a group of children who were close friends finished their studies early, had breakfast and then decided to go and play at the house of one of the boys among them, who had a big mango tree in his garden.

The tree was laden with big and juicy mangoes. The boy’s mother had prepared mango juice for everyone from the mangoes plucked from the tree. Everybody loved it. But another boy in this group had more than one glass of mango juice, even though his tummy was full.

After some time, he began to suffer from a stomach ache and had to be rushed home. He was not able to enjoy playing with all his friends because of his greediness of having more than his fill.

Moral of the story: You should not eat or drink more than your fill, otherwise your tummy will ache.

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