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Which Shape Would I Want to Be? | Blog by Aditya,10, Bangalore

Have you ever thought about which shape you would like to become? 10 year- old Aditya Rana from class 4 writes about life in the World of Shapes- read this blog!

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When we are in kindergarten, we learn the names of shapes that are hard for small kids or youngsters. When I think of those shapes now, I try to imagine those shapes as something more than just geometrical figures. I imagine becoming one of those shapes myself! But which shape would suit me the most, I wonder?

I’d like to be a small circle which rolls around all day. It would be fun rolling around everywhere. I feel scared thinking that if I roll too much, I will start vomiting! I’d be the fastest shape in ‘The World of Shapes’. I’d also have to watch out that I don’t crash into anybody while rolling about too fast.

I will increase my speed everyday by rolling around for one hour in the morning. I would be the fastest shape as I wouldn’t have any corners.There are two worlds in the universe of space, called the two- dimensional world and the three- dimensional world.I would live in a two dimensional world and visit many places as I wouldn’t have any other work to do.

I would have many friends, like Tom the pointed triangle, Smith the clueless octagon and Rocky the smart hexagon. They will all come with me when I visit different places. I would be very happy if all of them accompany me, as I hate to be alone and without my friends. We would have a lot of races but I’m sure I’d always win.

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