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Pets- How we love them! | Blog by Vaibhav,11, Palakkad

11 year old Vaibhav S Ganesh from Palakkad takes us through his experience of falling in love with a pet, in this blog. Read only at Bookosmia.

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Love for pets…..

It was a cold December evening. My grandfather and I were walking down the streets by the shops that were closed due to the cold. I was looking around and asking questions to him,when suddenly I  stopped. My grandfather asked what happened. I didn’t say a word. He started to look around, and saw a bird sitting all alone in the cold and breezy wind. Then he asked me if I was looking at that little bird over there. I said yes and then asked him if we can we take it home.

He thought about it in silence. Then after a lot of thinking he said, “Ok. If we come back and it’s still  there.” I looked at him with a closed-mouth smile. We started to walk. After going to the store, we started to walk back home. To our surprise the bird was still there. Without breaking his promise, my grandfather took the bird and checked for any disease or infection. After confirming it did not, he gently placed the bird onto my hand it was like snow.


Then he told me he would go buy a cage and some birdseed for the bird. I started running towards home with the bird in my hand. My friends were all surprised to see a small bird in my hands. After my grandfather came with the cage we put the bird in the cage and gave him some water and birdseed. After that day, my friends and I looked after it every day we fed it we gave it water. We bought toys and played with him. After some days he died. Everyone was sad.


A few days later, I was coming back from school when my mom took a turn away from home.She stopped at a pet shop. I didn’t think much if it until she put something in the car. I didn’t see anything because I was on my phone. After some time I heard a squeak. I was confused but I waited curiously and patiently until we reached our home. I opened the boot of the car and saw a small white bird in a cage! I was excited and took the cage out and I showed all my friends! Now my friends in India look after him. They call me every 2 day and show him to me.

I love pets.They are the best thing in the world.



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