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Pratichi Satpathy

12 Years

53 Years

Sai International School


A Rainy Day | Blog by Pratichi, 12, Bhubaneshwar

12 year old Pratichi from Bhubaneswar, a Bookosmian featured writer is back with this beautiful blog on what a rainy day feels like.

Rainy season - Stories from a cloudy day

I woke up to the alarm ringing in a shrill tone and hastily turned it off. I was quite surprised when I saw that no golden sunlight had seeped in, but I was overjoyed when I noticed the dark grey clouds rolling across the sky and wind whistling.


Within no time, the rain started crashing down, making noise as loud as school children running for recess. Using the rhythmic sound of the rain as a background, I started studying for my upcoming examinations. After a while, I had to rush and get ready for school, but the rain was incessant. The deluge was deafening and I could barely hold on to my poor old umbrella as I walked to the dreaded building.


At school, I almost fell asleep to the music of nature during the physics class. I kept day-dreaming about the hot cup of coffee awaiting me at home and lost interest in the revision classes. As I looked out of the small window, I envied the backbenchers and the natural air conditioner they now had. Mesmerizing was the swishing emerald green trees and the lightning dancing across the sky. A desperate shout erupted from my friends when we were informed that our recess was cancelled and they all cursed the pitiless rain, but I had no complaints, until the maths teacher turned up once again. On a normal day, I would have been annoyed, but owing to the torrential downpour, I was well occupied and content.

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The petrichor wafted in through the window, and almost pulled me out into the open. Oh! How I wished to be a peacock and prance about!

By the time the deafening bell rang to notify us of the end of the day, however, the downpour had reduced into a small drizzle and slowly, the pitter patter faded into the distance.

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  1. Dear Pratichi
    I really admire your creative thought process in such a tender age.keep it up dear.Sending you lots of blessings and good wishes .
    Smita Aunty

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