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Pet Cat – Grandpa, Please Come To The Rescue! | Bookosmia

Pet cat - Grandpa, please come to the rescue!

Dear Nannan ka funnan (that’s what I call my maternal grandfather),

I am back in Bangalore and am missing you all. The Paw Patrol set you bought for me is very nice. I send all the dogs to different rescue missions.


Pet cat - Grandpa, please come to the rescue!


I am always thinking about our cats, Strike and Essal. Did they learn to run? I’ll tell Kushumama to buy bubbles for the cats so they can chase the bubbles and play. Don’t give them milk and rotli every day.

Appitta (Mami) told me if we give them ready food all the time they will not learn to hunt. They need to learn how to catch mice on their own, for that, I have a plan.


Pet cat - Grandpa, please come to the rescue!


Hang a toy mouse near our balcony. The cats will think it is a real mouse and they will try to catch it. That way they will learn how to get their food. Do take a video of them and send to me!

I want to buy a cat here but Mumma is not allowing. Please talk to Mumma.

Love you,





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