Hiyan Ujjwal Dave

53 Years,
6 Years,
Hiyan Ujjwal loves speed. Running at the highest speed makes him happy. Most of the time you will find him running here and there, skating, cycling or jumping. Animals, Earth, Oceans, Mountains, Universe are some of his favourite topics. He loves to read about them and often shares interesting facts with friends and family. He loves reading. Sudha Murthy, Ruskin Bond, Enid Blyton and Bill Watterson are his favourite authors. He has a good collection of books and he reads all his books independently. He thinks Calvin is the best boy in this world. He loves to create instant poetries and songs. He is quite spontaneous in doing things. Many times he draws different spacecraft designs, missiles, launchers and other robots which can go to space and do wonders. He goes to New Horizon Gurukul. Bookosmia congratulates this young writer on getting published at this global writing platform for kids.

By Hiyan

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