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A winter morning| Poem by Padma, 7, Kochi

Good morning world! Look out and enjoy the joys of the morning, writes 7 year old Padma from Kochi in this upbeat poem.
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Poem-A winter morning

Tree tops glow in the sun
Houses pink and big
Hide behind the trees.

Yellow flowers on the tree
Shining like the sun,
when it falls on them.

Cold breeze blows here and there
Yellow leaves on the branches
Look like ripe mangoes.
yellow leaves poem bookosmia
They fall
On the green grass
Where twigs fall.

Puddles on the road
cars splash them
and become muddy
They are naughty!

Pigeons wake up from their sleep
From the flats
Glide in the air like small eagles.

Swallows with their scissor tails
came to visit our place!
From a far away cold country
They come in every November.

All the trees ready to shed their beauty
In this cold wind.

I want to write another poem
When I see this again.

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