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Vibrant Mornings of Kolkata | Blog (without using letter ‘e’) by Kush, 14,Kolkata

Can you write a piece without the vowel ‘e’? 14-year-old Kush from Kolkata does a fabulous job of it as he describes his city.

Sunrise morning in Kolkata bookosmia blog

Vibrant Mornings of Kolkata

 It is a bright sunny day.

Following its daily pathway, a city bus starts to transport individuals from stop to stop. Bus station at which I am waiting is known as Manik Chowk bus stop. My daily drill is going from Manik Chowk bus station to Kasba bus station just to turn up to my factory.

Today, on my way to Kasba, I saw sights of morning Kolkata, crazy crowds for famous ‘Chai’ of Sharma, ‘Kachori Sabzi’ of Balwant Singh Dhaba and ‘Roshogulla’ of Balaram Mullick. Aroma of hot food put my salivary glands into action but I put my hands into my bag and brought out my syrup for high sugar and passed to my harsh actuality.

Looking at all of that along with the vibrant mood of the crowd, I hit Kasba bus stop.  

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