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Samriddha Biswas

11 Years

53 Years

Techno India Group Public School, Garia


ADITYA-L1: Mission Sun | Poem by Samriddha, 11, Kolkata

Aditya-L1 ISRO’s spacecraft to study the solar atmosphere is on its way. Let’s hear its thoughts courtesy 11-year-old Samriddha from Kolkata.

sun mission aditya L1 poem kids

3……..,2……,1…..0….. Launch!

I’m flying high up, up, up

Heading to the dark haunts

Aside the wind without a stop.


Meeting my fellows,

Knowing each one of them,

Leaving the wonderful look below

Going straight to get fame.


My big buddy helps me in the odds and even

He’s my big bro PSLV-C57

Carrying me through debris and aliens

Without him I would be lost.


I can see through

The cities, houses and brown land

Leaving the vibrant blue

Holding my friend’s hand.


My journey mates guide me

To the Halo orbit

I’m in utmost glee

Uncle Sun is also waiting to meet.

It’s leisure time now

Just viewing the dark

Later I won’t be able to say ‘Wow!’

I’ve got loads of work.


Uncle Sun is smiling

As if I’m his photographer

It seems like he is continuously giggling

I don’t know what makes him fill up with laughter.


As I approach Uncle Sun,

I’m getting sad

I don’t know, whether it’s fun

But my dear big bro will leave me

And that makes me feel bad.


I’m meant for a certain work

But don’t I have emotions?

If my fellows can gossip all day in the dark

Can’t I? Am I a different creation?


I’ll miss my buddy’s company

Still have to be strong

I shall remember the great journey

All life long.


I’m Aditya-L1,

This is my journey to the sun

I’m the pride, India’s face

All the hearts I will have won

When I attain success.


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