Aparna Rajesh

11 Years

53 Years

Our Own English High School


‘Our roots, our foundation- Teachers’ Poem by 11 year old Aparna Rajesh from Sharjah

Teachers are our roots poem for kids by kids with Sara Bookosmia

Every flower becomes a good flower
Every tower becomes a good tower
It is because of the root of the flower or the base of the tower is good
Our steps becomes a successful person’s steps.


It is because of our teachers.


You are the reason for our smile
You helped us run a mile
You were given birth
To lighten everyone’s path.

Teachers work day and night for our sake
When the roots die the plant dies
When the base breaks the tower breaks.


Suddenly if teachers are not found
Every one of us will be crawling on the ground
In life they are a special moment, they are a gem
We dont need only a special day to thank them.


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