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#SaraReads: Story-Our new friends

One day I was playing with my friends in the school playground. Suddenly a dog came near me and started barking and chasing me. I ran as fast as I could and went up to my class. I was so scared! That night, I couldn’t sleep.


Every time I closed my eyes, I heard the sound of the dog’s loud barks. I couldn’t go to school. My mother took me to the doctor who gave me some  medicines. I was very angry at the dog because I missed my favourite  Mathematics class.

The next day, my friends Sanju, Priya and I went looking for the dog. We found  it and threw stones at it. A stone hit its leg and it slowly walked towards the bushes. After a few seconds, six to seven puppies peeped out from there. They looked so cute! Priya took out a biscuit packet from her pocket and began to feed the puppies. The mother dog was watching from a distance.
I told Sanju to bring our tiffin boxes. Slowly the mother dog came to us. We shared our lunch with her and her babies. We enjoyed playing with the puppies.

Our school was closed for Dassara vacation. After the vacation when we came to the ground with our tiffin boxes, the puppies came to us but they
were so weak and hungry. The mother dog was nowhere to be found. We asked watchman uncle and he said the municipal corporation van had come and taken her away. The puppies were left alone now.

I cried a lot. I wanted to adopt the puppies but Manju said our parents will not allow it. From that day onwards we bring food for the puppies and play with them everyday at our school ground. The puppies may not have a mother anymore so we are trying our best to be a friend and parent to them.

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