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No book launch! Story

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A few months ago, when we could still venture outside our homes, my friend  was sitting in a bookstore, waiting for a book launch that was never to happen.

Why was this? It was because of my very evil prank!

My friend had been showing off his new book to everyone in school. It was an encyclopedia about the history of ships. It had every little detail about all the
famous ships like HMS Victory and the Titanic. It was interesting, but no one wanted to read it because my friend was bugging them too much. Even I, his best friend, tried to avoid bumping into him.


One day, as we were going home, he told me that the author of his book was going to release another encyclopedia in a few days. Suddenly, a mischievous  thought came into my head-I will tell him that the book launch is tomorrow, and send him to some bookstore, waiting for a book that will never come!


The next day at school, I put my plan in action. He was so excited, he was going to go right after school. I went home and after a few hours, forgot about the  prank. I remembered it at 5 p.m.


My friend called me and told me that the people at the bookstore were lying and saying that there was no book launch that day. He argued with the  employees and had gotten banned from the store for a month.


I felt sorry for him and told him about my prank. That moment, he sounded like
thunder, volcano and a rocket- taking -off, all rolled into one.

I pleaded with him not to tell it to my parents and luckily, he agreed. But I had  to promise that I would never play such a prank again.


That day, we both learnt our lessons. He never showed off his book again and I  learnt that I should probably lower the scale of my pranks! It was rib-tickling however!


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