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Practice Cleanliness- Essay #Gandhi

Practice Cleanliness Read with Sara stories for kids by kids Bookosmia

Mom and I had gone to the local market to buy stationery and fruits.

When I was going to the stairs I saw dirty fruits, paper and plastic lying on the  stairs. I threw them in the dustbin to clean the stairs.


I saw many things dirty in the market.


Next, we went to the fruit seller. My mom bought fruits and I saw all the walls  were very dirty and the flies were sitting on the fruits.


I remember seeing an advertisement in the television, during the serials, in which Gandhiji spoke of the importance of keeping everything clean. I arrived home and told Mom and Dad, “We should clean the local market for  healthy living.”


Over the weekend my parents, my elder sister, our security guard and I went to clean the market. We took gloves, bucket, paint, brush, broom, detergent etc  for cleaning. Once we reached there and started to clean, the storekeepers  also came and joined us in cleaning.


My sister and I painted the walls which were dirty. My mother and father were  cleaning the stairs and the security guard helped the storekeepers. By the  evening, the market was spick and span and we sat there for some time.


When we were sitting, Gandhiji came in front of me. He was happy and said I  have done a very good job. I heard myself say, “Thank you, Bapu.”


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