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Mahatma Gandhi quote - Learning to be humble



It was August last year when I met Nica, an internationally renowned clown. I still remember that day vividly. I woke up to a bright sunny morning. I was very jubilant because my mother had told me I was going to attend a workshop with a very famous clown who was visiting from Spain.

I quickly got out of my bed, ate my nutritious breakfast and was ready to go.

Yes! I was a little nervous because I didn’t know how she would be. Would she be arrogant and proud because she was so popular or would she be friendly? However when I entered the hall I was surprised to see that she was sitting on the floor on a tattered piece of mat and cracking jokes to the children. She was wearing colourful clothes and made the place look vibrant with her presence. I joined in and in minutes got lost in her world of stories.


Mahatma Gandhi quote - Learning to be humble



She was so humble and down to Earth. Post our workshop was her show for which many eminent people were invited. But I was amazed when she greeted each one with equal respect whoever it may be. She treated all alike. Her modesty really took my heart away. She then came home with us and she cracked jokes with my maid too.

Oh! How wonderful it was to see her and be with her for the next couple of days. I learnt how one could be so famous and yet so humble. From that day onwards I try to be humble always and never show off when with friends or in school.



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