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Help Those In Need- Story

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One day Ravi’s father was doing his morning prayer. He asked him to buy six bananas.
Ravi went to the market and bought six bananas.
On his way back, he met a woman who was carrying a child in her arms.
The baby told his mother that he was very hungry and then he asked Ravi if he will give him some bananas?
Ravi gave him bananas.
Then he met a man who who begged for a few bananas. He again gave him some bananas.
When he reached home, his father said, “Ravi, you took so long and still came without bananas!”
Ravi replied that he had bought bananas but he met two needy people on his way back, so he gave them the bananas.
Then his father said, “Ravi, you are a good person. I am proud of you, my son.”

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