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“Never Give Up,” urged Gandhiji- Essay #Gandhi

Read with Sara essay on Gandhi for kids by kids Bookosmia
If I could, I would ask Gandhi about the inspiration that drives him.
Of course the idea of freeing one’s country from the claws of British colonization is a driving force. But the special ingredient in his movement was the ‘never give up’ attitude. The perseverance with which he led us to freedom was remarkable.
I would ask him about the approach he used to uproot the almost 200 year old concrete rule of British over India. I would ask him about the single ideology of simplicity he lived during his entire life.
Asking him these questions would not be like interviewing a celebrity or a  sports star or a politician. I would be having a conversation with Gandhi, the person gave us the thing that we actually deserved. That too in a very unconventional way.
The consistency of his intensity in fighting, is the key here. In an era where  internet is always there with us to feed our curiosity and procrastination, I would definitely ask him about his conviction towards any work.
And absolutely, I would bow down to him out of respect and thank him a million times for giving my country freedom, giving it what it is worthy of, giving it an identity and reminding us the beauty and power of unity.



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