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My life as a German Spitz dog- Essay

Read with Sara essay German Spitz for kids, by kids Bookosmia

I am a German Spitz dog. I was born in America in the hills, in July 2012.

I have white and fluffy hair. I was taken from the hills to a pet shop. A person came and she took me to her house for me to play with her children. So I got a  new permanent home.


In my new family, I had my human parents and a brother and sister. I became a  new play mate for them. They played with me with a ball and I raced with them  when they took me for a walk in the park.


They trained me not to dirty the house. A game such as fetching the ball was  taught to me. In the morning I would bring the newspaper to wake up my  father. I would also sleep next to him in bed. My mother took me to the vet to get my shots. I was also given medicines for deworming.

I enjoy staying with my family. They love me very much and I also love them a lot.



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