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Winter Picnics in Lodhi Garden, Delhi| Blog by Aryaveer,9, Delhi

Here is 9 year old Aryaveer Chugh from Delhi sharing a warm and heart-felt write up on his favourite outing- a visit to Lodhi Garden in Delhi during winters

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I live in New Delhi and everyone knows there are many tourist places and monuments one can visit here. I have been to many tourist spots myself and out of all the places I have visited, Lodhi Gardens is my favorite.


Those who don’t know about it, here’s a small description- It is a city park  situated in New Delhi and is a hot spot for morning walks and picnics, especially in winters for the Delhiites.

Mumma Papa have been taking me to Lodhi Gardens since I was very young.  Most of my Sundays in winters were spent playing there. I of course don’t  -remember all those visits but have a lot of pictures, through which I got to  know.

Here is a photo of a 2 years old me, playing with a balloon.

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And here, another photo of me, at 4 years, playing with a ball.

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But now I myself like to spend winter weekends there. We play a lot. We often have a picnic and click beautiful pictures. Sometimes my cousin sisters also  join me and we have a lot of fun together. We have also enjoyed ourselves with a few friends, joining us for picnics as well.

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The garden is big with many old tombs. At one corner of it, there is a small  pond where they have a lot of ducks. It’s always fun feeding them and seeing  them play with each other. In the month of February, we can also see very  beautiful flowers all around the garden.

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I have also walked the full walking track from one end to another and it usually takes 25 minutes to complete one round.


Lodhi garden has many old trees. Recently many trees  have been marked with QR codes, incase we need to look for their information. For example name of the tree, its origin or age. We can scan the QR code and get all the details.


Last summers, I joined a yoga camp with Skechers , organized in the garden. We used to have our classes every morning at 6 AM wherein we were mainly doing fitness exercises and  activities. We did running in one corner of the gardens and then jumping on the another. We also had yoga sessions every day.

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I love visiting Lodhi Gardens and always look forward to spending time there.



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