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Naughty Cinderella | An unfairy tale by 9 year old from Sharjah

Bet you never knew this side of Cinderella! 9 year old Akshara Misra from Sharjah brings us this witty fractured fairy tale.

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Cinderella was a poor girl and her mother had passed away when she was very young. Her father had gone for some work and she was left alone with her stepsisters and stepmother. When her stepsisters and mother went to the ball, Cinderella quietly snuck into one of her sister’s closet and took a green gown. It was sparkling. She put it and she put on some of her sister’s green heels.

Next, she took her old, musty car and, stuck some gems on it to look grand. She went to the ball and the king was impressed on how beautiful she was. He gave her 2 diamonds and 2000 dirhams and said the marriage was fixed.

But, when he found out she was poor, she had already run off with the money!

We knew Cinderella was beautiful, but who knew she was naughty?

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