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Khushyati Sachwani

10 Years

53 Years

Sri Aurobindo Public School.

Madhya Pradesh

Evil Cinderella And Her Bad Sense Of Humour | Unfairy Tale by 10 year old from Hoshangabad

What if Cinderella wasn’t the girl we thought she was? 10 year old Khushyati Sachwani, a Bookosmian from Hoshangabad, makes us think with this intriguing twist to a fairy tale.

Fractured fairy tale - Evil Cinderella and her bad sense of humour.
Once a girl named Cinderella lived in a village. She was very rude to her stepmother and step-sisters even though they always poured their love into her.
The king of that country was looking for brides for his two sons. He decided to arrange a party so that his sons could choose their life partners.
All the girls in the kingdom came to the party except Cinderella and her sisters as they were busy with work. Cinderella was very restless so she wore her dress and went to the party. Both the princes liked Cinderella. The clock was about to strike 12 and it was time to go home but she left her sandal behind.
Fractured fairy tale - Evil Cinderella and her bad sense of humour.
The princes decided to look for her using the sandal. They went to each and every house trying to look for her. Finally they reached Cinderella’s house and the princes asked if she is interested to marry one of them. Cinderella decided to play a prank on them and talked back very rudely. Hearing her speak so badly, both her step-sisters came out and told her not to. The princes were very angry but the moment they saw her step-sisters they saw how kind and beautiful they were.
The princes asked both the girls to marry them instead of Cinderella and they agreed!  Both the girls agreed and their life flourished.
Fractured fairy tale - Evil Cinderella and her bad sense of humour.
From behind, Cinderella was saying that she was just joking but nobody listened to her.

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