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Tolerance – what is it? And why we need it| Essay by 13 year old from Kolkata

We don’t have to agree with everyone to keep peace. All we need is tolerance. What is that? 13 year old Kush Manek from Kolkata explains.
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Tolerance is the capacity to endure pain or hardship. It is the ability to  accept other people’s opinions preferences.

            Tolerance can be developed by observing a tolerant elder, it can also be developed by meditation because meditation helps in developing a lot of patience and the more patience we have the more tolerant we can be.

Tolerance plays a crucial role in developing interpersonal relationships, it helps us m appreciate and acknowledge what the other person has to say about anything.

Understanding and acknowledging different ideas of people helps in developing a respectful relationship between people.

There are some benefits of being tolerant

• Being tolerant removes one’s self-imposed barriers and allows one to think more broadly and enjoy greater inner peace.
• Curiosity about new ideas.
• Helps accept the values of others.
• Being tolerant in a workplace helps in more effective teamwork because of an open exchange of ideas
• Being tolerant in your house helps in maintaining peace and finding solutions for small things.


There are times when being tolerant becomes difficult but we should try our level best. Tolerance can make us understand the depth of a situation and find the solution faster.

Intolerance, on other hand can make a situation bad to worse.

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